Yiddish, German, and Hebrew Translation Prices

Yiddish, German, and Hebrew Translation Prices

Price is per word of the final English translation.

$0.12 per word: Typed/printed German with modern fonts

$0.16 per word: Typed/printed Yiddish and German in Fraktur (Gothic) print

$0.22 per word: Handwritten Yiddish and German items (easily discernible / legible)

*$60 per hour: All Hebrew documents. Handwritten Yiddish and German items that are difficult to read, partially illegible, and/or contain indistinct lettering.

Audio Recording Translations

$7 per minute of audio

Gravestone / Tombstone / Headstone Translations

$15 for 1-2 stones

Hebrew tombstone translator

There is a minimum purchase of $15.

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