Hebrew Translator for Jewish Genealogy

Hebrew Translator for Jewish Genealogy

Translation services for

  • ketubahs
  • tenaim
  • writing inside Bibles
  • gravestones
  • handwriting
  • documents

As a Hebrew translator, I provide Hebrew to English translation services for all of the above categories. My specialty is genealogy and translating handwritten family documents for today’s generation. Multilingual documents is my area of expertise. Many Jewish documents, for example, contain a medley of Hebrew, Yiddish, and other languages. Let my polyglot training help you.

Ketubah (Marriage Certificate) in Hebrew & Aramaic translator
Ketubah (Marriage Certificate) in Hebrew & Aramaic

Do you need help translating a ketubah? A handwritten Hebrew letter? Reading the names on a tombstone? Or translating a yizkor book for your family’s shtetl? Did you know that your Hebrew letter might not be Hebrew at all? It could be Yiddish! Send me a scan and I can identify the language for you.

Translations of Hebrew gravestones/tombstones/headstones.

Send me a picture or link to one of the many genealogy websites at the contact page. I’ll be glad to help you.

Hebrew tombstone headstone gravestone translator
Hebrew headstone

Your family’s history is waiting to be uncovered.
Prices for Hebrew translation, print or handwritten, are here.
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Customer Satisfaction

A. J. G. from New York writes,
“I will be most happy to refer others to you and very much appreciate your translation of this treasured family document. I had been unsuccessful for more than 2 decades in getting it translated…thank you very much.”