Letters from the Old Country: Concentration Camp 1942

This week, I translated these postcards (in German) for a client. They come from a concentration camp in France in 1942. The newly interned author writes desperately to family to send him supplies. Doing research on this Camp de Rivesaltes, this first postcard was written a day after Jews in southern France were collected there. The camp was emptied off to Auschwitz by November. Click on the postcards to see the full image.



August 27, 1942

My dear ones,
I have been here since yesterday, we are expected to keep going. We hear that we are going to be staying here in a camp for the time being. Don’t write me at this addr. Mail might possibly be forwarded. If we don’t see each other for a long time, things should be well for you, and all the best

It would be nice if you would send my watch here certified mail. In case it has to come back.

Camp1942_4September 2, 1942

My dear ones:
We have now been here 8 days. will foreseeably load up next week. I am surprised not to have received any note from you. Send the money by telegram today and the parcels the quickest way. I requested watch shoes socks undergarments: shirts food It would be very sad if I have to travel on without all of these things. Send parcels to be purchased by express mail. And I hope that you are still home and have been spared of everything warm greetings Bertold

Sitting here without socks or shoes